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Love Bags INC



Donations Needed
Love Bags
Board of Directors

Love Bags INC [In the Name of Christ] started with reading an article about Annie Wignall who at the age of 11 started providing Care Bags to children who through circumstances had nothing.  The bags contained necessities of life, toys, and education items.  All was theirs as a gift.  We at Love Bags INC have copied the idea from Iowa and are implementing it in Livingston County Michigan.  We started our program on August 1st, 2005.



Our Mission

We intend to affect the lives of children in Livingston County, Michigan one at a time with an anonymous demonstration of love through the presentation of a Bag of Love to the child from local people who care.



Our Initial Goal

We intend to begin the program with 30 bags the beginning of November.  These will distributed as the need arises.  

After the initial number of bags we plan to supply 10 bags per month.  Your help is needed.




Contact Information

If you want to contact us via email please specify in the subject what it is about.  We will answer any question and will include all who respond in our prayers.  

Postal address
1054 Heather Heath Drive, Howell, MI 48843
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